About Us

Carriage of Occasion Strathalbyn

I have owned and ridden horses since my early teens and its fair to say the horse bug has never left me. My preferred discipline is eventing and have spent many weekends through the years enjoying that passion. I met Brendan who supported and encouraged my horse addiction, possibly made worse by purchasing a hobby farm just out of Strathalbyn. 

Carriage of Occasion was started over a decade ago almost by accident, when we were offered a lovely little standard bred called Calvin. We wanted to form a trail riding business and Calvins beautiful placid and gentle nature would make him a wonderful trail riding mount. Not long after this we purchased a harness and jinker and began experimenting with harness. Calvin was always so patient and generous and taught us so much – and still does. We found our Victoria carriage advertised and realised we may be able to take our harness further.

While it has been more of a ‘hobby’ business for the past decade, over time we have learnt so much, be it about harness, presentation, how to offer our business and service. We have been slowly building means of transport, new carriages, training horses, having a family, maintaining a property, trying to attend events and rebuilding a wooden boat (well why wouldn’t you want to rebuild a wooden boat???) all while running our main business, a Land Rover workshop, with a 1.5 hour commute.

Recently we were offered the chance to purchase 2 very experienced grey Percherons who have been doing carriage work for many years with a competitors business. When he wanted to retire, we were delighted to have the opportunity for these beautiful horses to join our team for their twilight years. With our young Clydesdale’s soon to be graduating from their training and Calvin still fit and keen to work, we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer you a professional carriage service with the choice of a number of beautiful carriages, we are sure you will find something perfectly suited to your special event.

We love nothing more than working with our beautiful horses and sharing them with our clients. Many thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged us along the way. We look forward to offering our service for many years to come.