A week to forget (and maybe even throw in the towel)

Having horses as wonderful as Henry and Angus, it is very easy to take for granted that everything will go smoothly at a job.  Having a range of different carriages , each with different ways of attaching the traces, it is important to be aware of specifics when packing for certain jobs. The hardest part […]

The one that got away

Stanley was a spunky little dude, who I kind of feel got a bit of a raw deal from me. He was an inquisitive, bold, in your face type guy, who was a delight to have around, if you like that sort of thing. Keen to learn, a very quick thinker, but with an attention […]

Where to from here??

It’s only just dawned on me, but by the end of last year, I was close to burnout. This carriage business has been my main focus for over a decade, and while finally starting to thrive, the pressure was starting to intensify also.  Pressure that I had put on myself trying to train unsuitable horses, […]

Giving up on the Fairytale

In the words of the great Kenny Rogers, ‘you have to know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em’. Unfortunately Boris has been a problem child for a while. He is such a magnificent fellow, however his work ethic is somewhat questionable to say the least. While things are going Boris’s way, […]

Farewell Nibbles and Tabby

With Henry out of action, and Christmas looming, I’d decided to bring Nibbles and Tabby back into work. I’d discussed with Leanne, who offered them their semi-retirement home, contacted my farrier and organised some days to go out and gently work them, to build up some fitness.  The main prompting for bringing them back into […]

Boris and the cart wreck

With horse training, it is so often the case of one step forward two steps back.  You may have read in my other blogs, that Boris has been challenging at times. I have to be honest the majority of Boris’s lack of progress is my lack of giving him the time required for consistent training. […]

The bumpy road of training Boris

Following dreams can be a bumpy ride. Sevenish years ago, long before Nibbles and Tabby entered my team, I purchased a grey Percheron mare from Echuca sales, with the intention of her joining my team as a harness horse. This was a big step forward in having a grey to pull my carriage.  Before starting […]

To enter 2023 tourism awards or not to enter… that is the question.

Our first attempt at tourism awards, back in 2021 was very much a learning experience. I was happy with my submission, and excited that it made it to finalist status. We didn’t get a prize, and the process and rewards (not many) left me feeling really uninspired. One thing it did do though, was assist […]

The quandary that is Boris

I have to be honest, Boris is testing my resolve. If you’ve followed us for a while, you’d know of Boris. I purchased his mum from the sale yards, and he was born a few months later. Boris is a relatively laid-back fellow, who generally takes everything in his stride. He took to draught work […]