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Welcome to the Carriage of Occasion blog. We’ll be sharing a range of stories over time to help you get the most from your use of horses and carriages for your special events, as well as taking you behind the scenes to meet our horses.

Where to from here??

It’s only just dawned on me, but by the end of last year, I was close to burnout. This carriage business has been my main

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Farewell Nibbles and Tabby

With Henry out of action, and Christmas looming, I’d decided to bring Nibbles and Tabby back into work. I’d discussed with Leanne, who offered them

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Horse Beach Experience

My ‘Horse Beach Experience’, seemed like a really good idea at the time. From the dreamer ‘everything is awesome’ part of my brain, came the

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Say What??

It’s always easier to see things from an insiders perspective, but I think what we do is fairly self-explanatory. We use one or 2 horses

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2021 Tourism awards

Sometimes I have really good ideas. I would say that deciding to enter the SA tourism awards, was perhaps not one of them.  I guess

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The Expanding of a Hobby

Established in 2009 and initially a hobby, Carriage of Occasion literally plodded along for a number of years, with our beautiful Calvin and his stunning

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The Burden of Sand

Horses are amazing, beautiful, useful animals. Their digestive system however is complex, relatively fragile, and totally inefficient (which is why their poo makes great fertiliser).

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The coming of Age

I think the scariest thing about what we do with our horses and carriages, is doing something for the first time. Years of training, working

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The Next Generation

When offering a service as we do, one is always looking for ways to improve the service. This is how we came about our next

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