Elegant and lightweight with a half dolly hood. Pulled by one horse. Low step for easy loading and disembarking. Comfortably seats 4 passengers.
A rich dark burgundy colour it provides the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

Strong and sturdy construction, this beautiful white, open carriage is one way to make a grand entrance. Low and wide step meaning easy access, and comfortably seating 4-6 passengers. Pulled by one or two horses.

This versatile carriage will fit up to 10 people for wine tours, tourist rides, or a unique method of transport. There are removable,clear plastic sides, that can be rolled up, meaning even in drizzly weather passengers stay warm and dry. 

Pulled by 2 horses. 

Sturdy and strong this wagon, known as an ‘African Surrey’ is ideal for groups for wine tours. Seating 6 this spacious carriage comes complete with a large boot, so you can stock up on your favourite wines, and a table in the middle for a cheese platter or a High Tea. A full length roof, will keep the sun off. With glowing white paint, and contrasting red trim and grey carpet, it is also ideal for weddings with larger bridal parties. Pulled by 1 or 2 horses.

This stunning carriage will accomodate 8 people. Pulled only by a pair of clydesdales, it will make a bold, statement entrance and incredible wedding photos.

The roof can be open as pictured, or closed to keep out the elements. 

Genuine 1920’s London trolley is a quaint, versatile wagon. We have used it for funerals, parades and photo shoots, I guess it could be compared to a ‘ute’. A few hay bales on the back for a country theme, perhaps a couple of wine barrels, this trolley is pulled by one horse. Cottage green in colour, with antique white highlights and black metal work, the sides are removable.

Lightweight and nimble, this super little vehicle is perfect for wine tours for small groups, or functions, great for Christmas light tours. Comfortably seating 4, access is at the rear via 2 small steps. Also lovely as an alternative to the traditional carriages for weddings. Pulled by one or two horses.

This elegant and unique, enclosed carriage will have you arriving in style. Lined and Carpeted and with luxurious leather seats it will comfortably fit 2 adults. Large chest on rear for plenty of storage. Pulled by 1 for 2 horses, you can make a statement on arrival at your big day!