The bumpy road of training Boris

Following dreams can be a bumpy ride. Sevenish years ago, long before Nibbles and Tabby entered my team, I purchased a grey Percheron mare from Echuca sales, with the intention of her joining my team as a harness horse. This was a big step forward in having a grey to pull my carriage.  Before starting […]

How much does it cost to own a Horse?

This is a great question, I’m really glad you asked! We actually get asked this a lot. The answer however is not a simple one.  There are so many facets and variations of horse ownership that it is hard to put a figure on it. All horses need a paddock, or yard. If you have […]

Angus and the Sunday Vet Bill

You may have seen our ‘Vet Bill Special’ recently. This blog is to explain the reason for this!  Each morning my first job for the day is to feed the horses. They get a hard feed morning and night, and when doing so I always do a quick poo count to make sure it’s coming […]

Horse Shoes and the job of the farrier

If you have owned or ridden horses, you would know about farriers and hoof maintenance but hoof maintenance is a question we get asked about often while out and about with our horses, so this blog is to hopefully answer any of those questions you may have. Obviously this is my version, with every facet […]

The Burden of Sand

Horses are amazing, beautiful, useful animals. Their digestive system however is complex, relatively fragile, and totally inefficient (which is why their poo makes great fertiliser). Monitoring poo is a really helpful tool to assist with maintaining a horse in peak health. Horse digestive systems are designed to be grazing most of the day. They should […]