Boris and the cart wreck

With horse training, it is so often the case of one step forward two steps back.  You may have read in my other blogs, that Boris has been challenging at times. I have to be honest the majority of Boris’s lack of progress is my lack of giving him the time required for consistent training. […]

To enter 2023 tourism awards or not to enter… that is the question.

Our first attempt at tourism awards, back in 2021 was very much a learning experience. I was happy with my submission, and excited that it made it to finalist status. We didn’t get a prize, and the process and rewards (not many) left me feeling really uninspired. One thing it did do though, was assist […]

How much does it cost to own a Horse?

This is a great question, I’m really glad you asked! We actually get asked this a lot. The answer however is not a simple one.  There are so many facets and variations of horse ownership that it is hard to put a figure on it. All horses need a paddock, or yard. If you have […]

Can I use my own carriage?

Let’s face it, our horses are brilliant! We have such a lovely team of well trained, patient horses in a variety of colours. It takes years to get horses this good.  Carriages on the other hand, can sit in the shed for years, untouched and get pulled out for special occasions. This has resulted in […]

But what about the weather??

This is a question we get asked for almost every booking, and quite rightly so. One thing we have absolutely no control over is the weather. The ideal carriage ride has beautiful sunny weather, mild breeze, no chance of rain and low 20’s temperatures. Unfortunately reality is, every day is not like that!! Today I […]

COVID and the creation of ‘No Frills”

Carriage of Occasion no frills ride

At the start of 2020, we were sure it was going to be our year. We had finally moved our workshop home after years of commuting, meaning more time to build carriages, more time to work horses and availability to accept work on weekdays. Our diary was starting to look really good, we already had […]