How much weight can a horse carry?

How much weight can a horse carry? The general recommendation is no more than 20% of their body weight. Meaning a horse that weights 600 kgs can comfortably carry 120 kgs. Of course, this varies to the individual horse, the type of riding you do, and what you are expecting the horse to do while […]

The Disappointment that was The Royal Adelaide Show

You know when you have a brilliant idea and think it’s infallible, but then it is just a huge letdown on every level? That about sums up the Royal Adelaide Show for me this year.  Entries close for the Adelaide Royal, way back in May, so it is months between putting entries in and going, […]

Angus and the Sunday Vet Bill

You may have seen our ‘Vet Bill Special’ recently. This blog is to explain the reason for this!  Each morning my first job for the day is to feed the horses. They get a hard feed morning and night, and when doing so I always do a quick poo count to make sure it’s coming […]

The coming of Age

I think the scariest thing about what we do with our horses and carriages, is doing something for the first time. Years of training, working towards a certain picture, is all put to the test in how the horse responds to a new environment or situation.  Our young Clydesdales have been working towards commercial work […]