Our horses

Calvin is the ultimate professional. He loves his job and is very good at it. Standing at 15.2 and a lovely elegant type, Calvin adores his passengers and any treats they may have.
He is where it all started for us, and has taught us so much along the way.

Now 21 years old, we monitor his workload carefully, and adhere to passenger weight limits, to ensure he can continue to enjoy his work for years to come.

We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase this beautiful pair.
They have been carriage horses for many years with another company, but when their owner decided to retire, we were offered them, so they can continue doing what they love.

Tabby is an honest mare, who just wants to please. She is the brains and the brawn. Very trusting and loyal, and she adores small humans.

Nibbles is a bit cheeky, and I sometimes joke he is just there to make up numbers. He will happily let tabby do all the work, but is the first in line for treats or rewards.

They are so happy working together and make such a statement in front of any carriage.

These guys joined our herd as yearlings. They are purebred Clydesdale’s and are registered with Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society.
They are half brothers and love each others company (other than when Angus is being bossy at feed time), however they are equally as happy to be worked separately.
Now 5 year olds, they have been brought on slowly, correctly and calmly, resulting in calm happy horses who are eager to work. Gentle enough to be driven by my 7 year old son, they have been known to visit nursing homes and schools.
Angus is a quick thinker and very trusting of his driver, Henry likes to process things for a bit longer, and once he understands the job, he is the most honest soul.

These beautiful grey babies will be an asset for years to come. We purchased their mum, Mouse, from sale yards, planning to add her to our team. She is a grey Percheron cross, who had done carriage work in another state.
As so often happens, the information she was sold with, was a little far from the truth, and she unfortunately proved to not have the personality for the intended job. Before commencing training though, we had her vet checked, just to make sure that she was physically up to the job. We discovered that she was carrying a special little bundle. When Boris was born, we realised how lucky we were, so the following year, had her put back in foal to produce Stanley.
These guys are smart, strong horses, who will both mature around 16hh, and have the pulling power of an ox! Boris has commenced his formal training, and is taking to it like a duck to water. Stanley is very smart a bit cheeky, but sweet and he loves life. These boys will grey out over time, and will eventually be a perfect white pair.