Horse Drawn Carriages and Traffic

A common question we are asked, is how our horses deal with the traffic. From our point of view, a better question would be; how do the traffic deal with a horse drawn vehicle? I’m writing this blog to answer those questions, but also to be a bit of a guide, for those drivers that […]

“Living the Dream”

It is often said to me that I am living the dream. While I guess it could be perceived from the outside that indeed I am, as I grow older (and I would like to think wiser) I am beginning to realise one doesn’t actually know exactly what that dream is. If you had of […]

The coming of Age

I think the scariest thing about what we do with our horses and carriages, is doing something for the first time. Years of training, working towards a certain picture, is all put to the test in how the horse responds to a new environment or situation.  Our young Clydesdales have been working towards commercial work […]